SmartEU - Making Utilities Smart


Across the world there has been a major focus on providing Continuous & Quality Supply of Electricity, Gas and Water to the Citizens and also to Reduce the Billing and Collection Losses. This can be achieved by replacing the old infrastructure & and also by Implementing effective Billing and collection IT solutions. This helps in optimum utilization and identifying the thefts and leakages in the distribution network as well as at the End Consumers. ABHARTECH understands the challenges and hence have developed IT solutions to manage such issues effectively.

ABHARTECH's Utilities Solution Stack

ABHARTECH’s SmartEU is a First-of-its-Kind Cloud-Based Integrated Solution catering to the needs of  Water, Electricity and Gas Utilities. It helps in Managing Business Operations, Metering and Billing Information, People & Assets.  ABHARTECH’s SmartEU solution an exclusive-fit for Smart Cities initiative.

Billing & Collection Operations

The core application allows Utilities to record meter reading, Generate Bills & Collect Bill Payments thereby providing a transparency

Field workers and Supervisors

The field users get their respective dashboards with details about Pending Jobs, Approvals, Service Orders, Appointments, Scheduling and routing etc.

It also has a ready framework of Integrations with SCADA, GIS and ERP solutions like Oracle, SAP etc. Apart from the meter and billing details it also provide relevant Dashboards, Reports and Analytics

Business Benefits

SmartEU Solution Stack

eSMARTEU (Web Portal)

mSMARTEU- Business (Mobile Solution)

mSMARTEU - Agency (Mobile Solution)

mSMARTEU- Consumer (Mobile Solution)