ABHARTECH has dedicated Center of Excellence building innovative solutions for its customers. We closely monitor changing regulations, customer needs, technology advances and accordingly come up with new ideas and accelerators. This helps us to stay ahead in the industry and provide latest solutions to problems which Utilities face, even before they realize that this becomes a necessity. Our solutions are flexible and adaptable in nature and can be easily enhanced and upgraded.


ABHARTECH has made big investment in Solution Development for Electricity, Water & Gas Utilities. The vision is to completely Digitize Utilities and provide its benefits to our utility customers. SmartEU is an Integrated Enterprise solution comprising of Web Based Application, Mobility Solutions and Smart Devices for various stakeholders that is useful for Utility Companies, Consumers and Outsourced Agencies. Apart from the inbuilt workflows, SmartEU offers inbuilt Dashboards and Reporting Framework and helps users to generate/export Reports & analyze Data.


Today the projects are run on the road as much as in the office. mPROSMART is designed for managing Large Capital Projects and its site operations remotely for various industries like Engineering & Construction, Oil & Gas and Utilities. It helps to collaborate, review processes, carry out inspections and keep a track of the project activities on the move. It improves the productivity of the site managers drastically and decrease the risk of cost and schedule overruns.


EnSMART is an Innovative SMART Solution that enables customers to track energy consumption on Real-Time basis and hence can easily track any unusually high usage, Leakages & Pilferage. EnSMART’s Analytics Framework subsequently provides Energy Conservation tips.

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